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apartment y

2005 - 2009
Sofia, Bulgaria 
The client is a producer of wooden furniture. At different points of his life he has lived in a French palace and in a tent, part of his childhood spent in the Middle East. These are probably the roots of his love for detail and and for the Arab ornaments in particular. He was strongly influenced by two film interiors - Al Pacino’s office in “The Devil’s Advocate” and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis house in “The 13th Floor”. On assigning us the design of his new flat he said he wanted to 

be surprised. The apartment is on the last floor which gave the possibility for three roof openings, protruding above the roof. They light up the darkest parts of the dwelling - both bathrooms and the closet. this unexpected natural light in the most intimate parts of the home turns its space inwards.Though one cannot pass through them, they create a bond between both levels - the residence below and the garden above.

Apt Y
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