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Aedes studio is an architectural studio based in Sofia. Founded in 2004 by Plamen Bratkov and Rositsa Bratkova, the team consists of highly skilled architects with various interests. The studio’s portfolio is mainly comprised of residential buildings and offices. The projects’ sizes range from several thousand sq. m to single family houses including interior design. Since 2008, Aedes studio has taken part in exhibitions in Sofia, Vienna, Bern, Bucharest, and at the Venice Biennale. Aedes studio has won several national design awards, as well as a Silver A Design in Como 2015. In 2009 the Jaclyn Residential Building became a part of Mies  van der Rohe’s selection and traveling exhibition.

Due to their contextuality and qualitative design most of the built projects of Aedes studio have turned into landmarks.​ Most of the projects are for residential and office buildings. A main concern in all of them is the interaction between a building and its surroundings. Each proposal tells a story derived from its program and place. Many of them deal with different scales, exploring ways to decrease a volume inserted into narrow space. A special attention is paid to the intermediate areas separating in and out as well as connecting the building to its environment.

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Plamen Bratkov

Plamen Bratkov


Rositsa Bratkova

Tsvetomir Dzhermanov

Tsvetomir Dzhermanov

DSC_1345_1345 copy.jpg

Yoana Penelova-Petrova


Velislava Petrova


Mariyana Paskaleva


Slavena Todorova


monica kisova 

past members

nedko nedev

boyan belchev

elena pavlova

andrey hodkevich

nikolay chatalbashev
mila petrova
hristo stankushev
boriana kitova

svetoslav michev
ivaylo andreev
boryana gabrovska
mila atanasova

marta subeva

julienne deyrebrune

vasil kuyov

key awards

Vizar (bronze) Sofia, Bulgaria 2007

Building of the Year Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2008

Mies van der Rohe Awards Selection, exh., Europe 2008

Building of the Year Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2012 

Building of the Year Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2013

Building of the Year Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2015

A Design Award (silver), Milan, Italy 2015

Wienerberger Brick Awards, Sofia, Bulgaria  2016

Velux for Residential Buildings First Prize, Sofia, Bulgaria 2017

Building of the Year Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2018  

Building of the Year Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria 2019  




exhibitions and selections

Architectonic Fragments – Bulgaria. Exh., Vienna, Austria
Part of the Bulgarian Pavilion -  Venice Biennale ,Italy
Yakov Chernichov Awards - Selection

New Bulgarian Architecture -  Exh., Bern, Switzerland
Architecture and Photography - Exh., Sofia, Bulgaria

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