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Sofia, Bulgaria / Competition 
Moving upwards – climbing – is the symbol of the restless human spirit overcoming all obstacles in its desire for new horizons. By that hard and dangerous upwards moving man fights and even partly overcomes gravity. The project’s concept unifies both ideas – that of nature’s grandeur in the heights of the canyon and the power of gravity; and the grandeur of human spirit juxtaposed to it. The building consists of several levitating above the ground volumes, free from the shackles of their weight. What holds them together is the peculiar space of the Canyon – a huge atrium with elaborate form, made of all the building’s common spaces and

using its full height of 22 meters. This is a spacial fabric with different, more concentrated characteristics. In that saturated with forces zone it seems as though gravity does not work vertically towards the ground but horizontally towards the core of the building. The entire structure could be seen as a fragile and constantly reconsidered balance between the centripetal forces of the interstitial space and the centrifugal forces of the outer volumes around or as a single snapshot depicting that unique short moment of full harmony

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