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2018 - Present
Sofia, Bulgaria / Galt Investment 

The project is a redesign of a previous idea from a different author. This is why the site organization, the outline of the building, placement of the main staircase, and the entire structure are not a part of the project. With the idea of redesigning the building, the geometry and materials of the entire west façade have been revamped to suit the new concept.The site consists of the city to the north and breathtaking scenery looking towards the mountain in the south. The concept of the redesign captures and further develops the characteristic of dualism present in the site. At first glance, the contrast between the southern open glass façade and the more dense wooden tiles wrapping around the northern façade is prolonged by the play of light on each side. The reflections on the glass are a result of the outline of the pergolas; contrast the vast amount of shadows coming from the north, which highlight the homogenous structure of the wooden tiles. Equal participation in this game take both parts of the fence, which repeat the wooden tiled façade and 

the vertical rhythm of the glazing. The dynamics of these surfaces make perceiving the inside and outside difficult to grasp and enhance the feeling of living close to nature. The original complex shape of the building implies consistency from the concept of the general silhouette to every last detail. Following of the form passes through different scales and manifests itself in each of them. Thus, following the curvature of the plan, the vertical raster of the glazing comes closer together towards the middle to visually strengthen the perspective. The metal pergolas also draw their motif from the building’s plan by multiplying and superimposing one another in a smaller scale. The play with scale is an essential element to express the individuality of the building. Windows are cut in the undisturbed wooden tile façade to boast controlled views of Sofia. The building is able to come out of the typical monotone uniformity of the general residential style structure and to state its bright presence at the foot of Vitosha Mountain.


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