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2010 - 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria 
collaboration with arch. Mokdad, arch. Michev, arch. Stankushev 
Playground is an entertainment center that houses within it’s 2200sq.m, a 14 lane bowling alley, arcade and live games, 4D cinema, billiard tables and a Playstation lounge, along with a lounge-bar, that seats up to 200 people. The main drive of the design concept is that “style”, is not simply the product of a decorative approach, but of a far more holistic one; of an encompassing aesthetic worldview. Thus, functional zones and areas, such as the arcades hall and bowling lanes, that are traditionally treated and bowling lanes, that are traditionally

treated superficially, are transformed into spaces of distinctive character. Undoubtedly, the various attractions are the main pulling force in the Playground, but the design team’s goal, and main aspiration, is for the unique design to become an attractive force, in itself. Materials were used to suit the distinct character of each zone, the main criteria in selecting being: surface finish quality & suitability, sound absorption and ease of construction.

Playground Description
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