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2018 - Present
Camp Iug, Bulgaria / Build Systems 

The site is located close to the already existing South Camping Grounds as well as a few hundred meters from “Yakoto Myasto”, which was the main influence for the space being turned into camping grounds. The freedom that the campsite life offers, brings with it some degree of chaos in the organization of the spaces. This aspect is compensated by the pre-distribution of the entire property, which creates a geometric structure where the life of the campsite will be. On the other hand, this initial framework, as well as the service buildings, should not disturb the basic character of the campsite - the feeling of temporary habitation. This is precisely why all visible parts of the buildings are made of wood with space between the elements, the separation of plots from one another is entirely vegetated, and the alleys are covered with wooden planks or wooden pavers. In the middle of the site there is a large displacement that separates the lower and upper parts of the space. 

To battle this difference, the site will be terraced, which also allows for the pre-distribution of the camping spaces.  In the lower and sloped parts of the site, where car access is available, are the located all of the spaces for the caravans. In the higher parts, with a view towards the sea, on wooden decks, are located the spaces for tents. The facilities (reception, shop, and bathrooms) are located in the lower parts towards the road that separates the campsite from the beach. They act as a visual barrier between the caravans and the backs of the venues located on the other side of the road. The view from the lower part of the campsite is facing southeast towards the beach and the sea, and the tents in the upper part reveal a view of the entire bay. Lozenets Camp Grounds have been envisioned as a park for temporary habitation, where the erected facilities do not disturb the spirit of the camping life within nature.

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