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ko-share residential and business complex

2019 - Ongoing
Sofia, Bulgaria / 


The rapid construction in this part of the city in recent years has destroyed the existing urban structure. Ko-Share's ambition is to become a neighborhood, not a complex - an authentic part of the city, not restricted territory. The planning of the space aims to utilize in the best aspects the of the place. The strong displacement in the terrain and the high level of Bulgaria Blvd. relative to the property are compensated by the different storeys of the buildings and the ground floor levels following the rising topography. The buildings surrounding the plot are large and scattered, the insufficient left over landscape is gathered in narrow strips. In this environment with weak urban fabric, the new settlement needs its own force field to establish a sense of place. Ko-Shares‘s buildings are located at the periphery of the plot in order to fold and mold the terrain in the middle and turn it into a green hill, the heart of the settlement. Inspired by the 

mountain silhouette in close proximity, the closest buildings to the center are the highest peaks, where the force fields are the most powerful, The complex is a hybrid between a traditional enclosed living quarters and open urban fabric. The perimeter of the property is purposefully filled with social activities in order to blur the boundaries between public and private. Ko-Share features four different typologies of buildings; the high density living quarters offering versatile choice of apartment sizes, low density living quarters offering a more intimate experience, office buildings, public buildings such as a kindergarten and sports halls, and spaces for leisure such as restaurants, shops and public squares. Diversity is sought in every aspect of the design, so that everyone can find the most suitable environment for living or working.

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